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I LOVE LJ and I'm supporting it 100%!! So I'm not moving anywhere...but that doesn't mean we might not incounter some down time again...that said...I'm reminding everybody I do have a dreamwidth's country_bee over there as well.

Add me! or let me know your account and I'll add you!

(also let me know of any good fanfic comms over there! :D)

btw I have 5 DW invites if anybody needs one.
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I think this pretty much goes without saying...but just in case....

NOTHING and I do mean NOTHING I post on lj gets cross posted to Facebook or Twitter! Please and Thank you! If I want something posted on FB or Twitter I'll do it myself.
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Signed 8x10 Photos
the following all come with a COA from Creation. I had bought them before I thought I'd ever have a chance at going to a convention. All are in fantastic condition (unless other wise noted) Shipping to the US/Canada $5 Anywhere else $7

Chad Lindberg $5 (Creation sent it using a hard plastic sleeve, and the picture must have gotten damp, and it now has waves. Not noticable in a frame. Sig is fine)
Charles Malik Whitfield $10
Gabriel Tigerman $10
Samantha Smith $10

The following do not have a COA but have been collected through various sources (aka friends who went to cons or work at media outlets) Shipping to the US/Canada $5 Anywhere else $7

Bryan Dattilo $10
Brad Paisley $20
Logan Marshall-Green $20
Danny Strong $15
Hedley (all 4 sigs) $20

Signed 5x7 photos
Shipping to the US/Canada $5 Anywhere else $7

Amber Tamblyn $5
Dan Wells $5

Supernatural and Charmed Trading Cards
Cards are in excellent Condition. Shipping to the US/Canada $5 Anywhere else $7

Drew Fuller Pieceworks $10
Drew Fuller Pieceworks #2 $10
Fredrick Lane Pieceworks $20
Jim Beaver Autograph Card $20
Loretta Devine Autograph Card $20


My Bloody Valentine 3D (still sealed) - $10 (S&H US/Canada $5 Anywhere else $7)
2001 Maniacs - $5 (S&H US/Canada $5 Anywhere else $7)
Supernatural Season 4 (opened but only watched the special features because I ended up buying a second set with the Comic con disc) - $20 (S&H US/Canada $7 Anywhere else $10)
Charmed Season 7 - $15 (S&H US/Canada $7 Anywhere else $10)

Super Rare Amber Tamblyn Poetery Books, they were only available for a very limited time and are now out of print.

Plenty of Ships - $20 (autographed but personalized) (S&H US/Canada $6 Anywhere else $8)
Of the Dawn - $20 (autographed but personalized)(S&H US/Canada $6 Anywhere else $8)
The Loneliest - $50 (only 300 of them were printed, this edition is #60/300 autographed by both Amber and George Herms, for more info please visit here) (S&H US/Canada $15 Anywhere else $20 (thick and heavy)

All prices in US funds.
Paypal accepted. Combined shipping.
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Firstly...I'm putting a hold on "Summer of Jensen"...and I don't know if it'll make a come back this summer...maybe at the most it'll consist of a few pic spams scattered about. I don't like putting it on hold, because I like the idea of Jensen a day...but between rea life and stressing and everything...I just can't keep up with it. :( I would like to thank those of you who stop by just for the SOJ and I'm sorry that I went and bailed on you. :(

Secondly...the spoiler pics for the first episode of SPN...make me want to spit and HURT THINGS! I don't trust one word out of Kripke's mouth or his band of merry men. I still have strong doubts that this season will be any better then S4...and gosh I hated season 4. (With the exception of Cas...and that's the thing...I can't even fall back on Cas this season because of the way S5 ended...again I was WTF WAS THAT?!) *breathe*

I'm sorry I'm having issues...and seem to be very angry lately...I blame stress. It has to be something because it seems everything is getting on my nervs. :( *shrugs*

There was something else...*shrug* Can't remember...just that I saw this weeks Leverage...because I was able to download it while waiting for dad at his doctors appointment...and I will be back to gush but for now...OMG!!!! CHRISTIAN!! ♥ ....JOHN I have missed you so much it's not even funny!...and ALONA...seriously how gorgeous is she?

Ok I think I'm done.
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First...why do I not have an icon of Jensen with his camera?

Secondly...yes SOJ is coming back soon! I appologize

Thirdly and the main reason I'm posting....

I know NOTHING about those of you who are camera smart...can you take a look at THIS page and point me to the best camera for the best price, etc. Or at least a list of like the top 3 cameras. I'd kill for a camera that when you snap a picture it takes the picture and doesn't wait 20 seconds so that your kodak perfect moment is long gone and instead you have a blury pic of somebody who looks like they just ate something sour.

Thank you :)
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It's ME!.....Bee!

Still setting everything up. :)