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I LOVE LJ and I'm supporting it 100%!! So I'm not moving anywhere...but that doesn't mean we might not incounter some down time again...that said...I'm reminding everybody I do have a dreamwidth's country_bee over there as well.

Add me! or let me know your account and I'll add you!

(also let me know of any good fanfic comms over there! :D)

btw I have 5 DW invites if anybody needs one.

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8/4/11 21:56 (UTC)
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I'm using DW as a back-up place right now. Like you i'm not leaving LJ, but it is good to have a place where everything is stored.

i'm sigrundora over there as if you're on DW before I am...add me if you want :P

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9/4/11 01:43 (UTC)
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I added you over there. I'm tommygirl.

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9/4/11 06:47 (UTC)
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I'll always support LJ. In fact, I just renewed my paid membership for my journal and fic comm.

DW is like a sanctuary for me, though, because my flist is really small so I can say and do whatever I want. I actually post there daily. :)