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Does anybody have the song A fathers love by Bucky Covington? Loaded anywhere but Megaupload?

ETA- Sharing If I Were A Boy - Reba ...pimping like whoa! Because it's a great song to begin with...then have Reba sing it?! *THUD*

ETA - A Father's Love (The Only Way He Knew How) - Bucky Covington

...and completely random...I will NEVER get tired off Will Estes in an NYPD uniform...especially the turtle neck! ♥ I NEED ICONS!
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Dear awesome people on my flist...

I need music...if any of you have or could point me in the right direction I will love you forever! Not that I don't already...but I'll love you even more! :D

Song Requests...

Taylor Swift - Nothing about you (From the Brooks and Dunn special)
Carrie Underwood - Neon Moon (From the Brooks and Dunn Special)
Darrius Rucker (SP?) - Hard Working Man (From the Brooks and Dunn Special)
Lady Antumbellum - If you see Her if you see him (from the Brooks and Dunn special)

you know what!...anything from the Brooks and Dunn special! LOL

Terri Clark & Johnny Ried...I have no idea what the song is called but I'm told it's awesome and MUST LISTEN TO IT!

MOST IMPORTANT...Lorretta Lynn and Conway Twitty singing IT'S ONLY MAKEBELIEVE...I use to have this on cd but my cd is gone! Like I turned the house upside down and cannot find it!! I NEED THIS SONG LIKE I NEED AIR!! Please?!
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I have country fans on my flist!...can any of you help me out? I'm looking for an mp3 of the JOAN KENNEDY version of "A donzen Red Roses" ...if anybody has it, can you share...PLEASE?! *puppy eyes*

EDIT American Idol fans!...I got behind in downloading Lee's songs from AI...and the sight I get them from, their files are HUGE, like one song is 8mb's (and yes you can mock me know for thinking that's a huge file *sobs*) I was wondering...does anybody have Lee's songs...but in a smaller file? Please and thank you!
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First off Fic bunny! Jensen moves out! and Sadie keeps disappearing...she always leaves to go find Jensen and ends up in his front door step! *because clearly she knows the boys should not be apart!*...Harley can follow too.

ok onto other stuff

This would probably be best saved for something like a xmas wish list or something but eh that is like months away. *frown*

Does anybody want to shower me with SPN vids, mainly Dean/Cas, Sam/Dean, Jensen/Jared, or Jensen or Jared? See my wonderful internet wife always use to download tons of vids and put them on disc for me and send them over, but she's been so busy lately with a new marriage and baby! ♥ that she hasn't had the time. :(...but I'm seriously missing them. :( Since I can't see any because of being on dialup. :( I was just hoping that somebody out there has tons saved up and would love to burn them for me? *is hopefull and sending big puppy eyes* ...also wounldn't mind a Dean/Cas edit, since I didn't tape most of the season, and am now going through Dean/Cas withdrawls. :(

I can offer an exchange, I don't have anything amazing but for the CMM fans I have 'the lone ranger' and for Jared fans I have 'Ring of Endless light' and for Jensen fans I have full episodes of 'Mr Rhodes' and for the Misha fans...well I might have 'Karla' I haven't checked to see if I can copy that yet, but I'll get back to ya. and for Chris fans I have 'Rescue 77' poor quality, but you can see it, and hear it. *nods*

so any takers?
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I'm DYING for animated icons of the opening? Anybody at all know where I could find some? Or at this point...any icons at all?
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Okie dokie, you all know my favorite icon that has been my default for like a year *points* --->...I NEED the pic it's from! you'd think, Bee with your foot obsession, you must have it? And you'd think right, I did have it on my computer and on my photobucket and I'm sure it's posted a million times on my lj, but, when my old computer died, it took the picture with it. *gasp*...and I do have it on disk and on my PB...but I can't find it! *sobs* and I really need it, so if you have it PLEASE link me! THANK YOU!


Do we have this pic...

When it's about Jensen, bigger is always better )

as a picture and not as a scan? I've looked through my twinky porny Jensen pics and I don't seem to have it. *sobs*

And lastly, durring Jensen month I posted this pic...

Why on earth would you settle for little Jensen when you could have him bigger? )
[ profile] latte_vanilla asked if I had more from that photo shoot, and i do, and I said I'd get back to her with them, and never did, because I suck *cries*...but finally here they are, they're scans so some are a bit fuzzy, but I say a fuzzy Jensen is better then no Jensen!

Jensen in purple (and with Bryan) are what dreams are made of! )
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Some of you may or may not have noticed but I've been MIA, why? because my computer died, and by died I mean like gone, dead, never coming back, lost cause, never to be seen or heard from again and took ALL my links with it. *sobs* I lost EVERYTHING!

So this is where I need help, link me to anything and everything! Even if it's something that should be a no brainer, link me please! If you've ever linked me to something to download to help me download faster or play files or which ever, I need those back too please, I need links to sites, and fanfic and interviews and well EVERYTHING!! ..anything involving SPN, j2 etc etc, Canadian Idol goodies, Spuffy goodness, OC, Instant Star, Zem, Friday Night Lights, Third Watch basically any fandom I have ever dabled in. ooh Walk the line stuff to would be asesome.

and fics! OMG the bookmarks I lost for fics can make me cry, I had tons I hadn't moved to my memories or delicious yet. Stuff from like 2006! *sobs* so if you know of a fic that you know I'd love/like/read :D feel free to link me to that too, you all know my kinks by now.

Please! Any and all help will be very much appreciated! *puppy eyes*
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Can somebody please, pretty please visit the Jo Hikk Myspace page H E R E and rip me the song 'Pimp my Tractor' PLEASE! PRETTY PLEASE! I heard it on the radio today and I MUST HAVE!! *nods*

HAVE IT! thanks to EVE! *squishes*
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Hedley and Jacob fans I needa favor...I need naked Jacob. LOL I was telling a friend about how Jacob has a problem wearing clothes and she wants proof. So any and all pics you have with Jacob (I almost wrote Jared Hee) missing clothes would be awesome! Ass caps is a HUGE PLUS!

Please and thank you! ♥
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Ok, you know that last seen in 'Recreation' the dancing scene, after that wonderful "maybe i've only kissed one girl" moment? ♥ (gosh I miss this show!) anyway...I'm looking for the song that orginally aired. Yes I know it was only for the show and not released and that the dvd version doesn't have the same song, that is why I need a sound clip of that song...or even if you have a clip of the orginal version (not the dvd version) that would be wonderful! then I could rip it and have a sound clip of that song (when I say I'll rip it I actually mean I'll beg Ola or Eve to do it but whatever LOL)Please! Please! Please! somebody has to have it. *puppy eyes* I can't find my copy and DIVA had that episode on today and I squeed thinking they would air the orginal version but no, it was the dvd version. :(

And while I'm using my puppy eyes and begging...does anybody have the new version of "House Rules" by Kane? *even more puppy eyes*


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