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Hitting stores September 21st!! \0/

Are you in extreme danger? Need special security? Is there a bullet out there with your name on it? Leave it to Chance. Mark Valley is protector-for-hire Christopher Chance in the thrill-packed 12-Episode Season 1 based on the DC Comics series and graphic novel. From piloting a distressed, upside-down jumbo jet to bodyguarding a D.A. targeted by a gang, Chance puts his life on the line - and each new adventure reveals a little about the mysterious past that drew him to this line of work. Chi McBride as ops manager Winston and Jackie Earle Haley as techno genius/fixer Guerrero are Chance's ace support crew in a series bursting with "brilliantly off-kilter characters and high production values" (Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times).

Taken from:


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Staring J A S O N W I L E S...and some other people.

Here watch the trailer:

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[ profile] jojothecr did a kickass Jensen footwear picspam H E R E


*iz dead*
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Just a small little blurb from the latest Erin interview....

How’d you squeeze in your gig on Life? Weren’t you shooting both shows simultaneously?
I couldn’t get to the audition for Life because I was in Toronto doing Erica, so I did it from my trailer. It was pretty guerilla style. At lunchtime I had one of the crew guys grab a little camcorder and record my audition scene and then I emailed it to the producers. When I was on Supernatural, I’d help Jensen Ackles audition for stuff that way. We’d do it between takes! Everybody does it that way now.

I love when my favorite fandoms collide!!! ♥ along with my favorite actors! ♥ Erin helping Jensen with the image in your head? yes? ...ok all together now....AWWWWW!!! ♥

FYI Erin played Monica in Salvation. :)and the preggers girl in Freak Nation! :D

You can read Erin's full interview HERE
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You can relive the first adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester in high definition this June. Supernatural: The Complete First Season will be released on Blu-ray on June 15. This two-disc set features all 22 first-season episodes, and has brand new special features as well, for the price of $49.99 SRP. You can take a look at the cover art and the special features below. The series stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Jim Beaver.

Now in hi-def: the debut season of the series that's "unexpectedly smart and unpredictably spooky." - David Blum, THE NEW YORK SUN

The Creepy. The Demented. The Unexplained. The Unearthly. Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) grew up hunting such terrifying things. But that's all past. Law school beckons him. So does safety and normalcy. That is, until Sam's estranged brother Dean (Jensen Ackles) appears with troubling news: their father has disappeared, a man who's hunted evil for 22 years. So to find their father, the brothers must hunt what their father hunts...and Sam must return to the life he'd rather leave behind. Hold on tight for all 22 Season One Episodes of the edgy, hip series that has viewers in its grip and critics enthralled. Confront the Supernatural!

Special Features:
New! The Devil's Road Map: Interactive Map Guide to Season One's Urban Legends and Unusual Facts
New! Paley Festival Panel Discussion Featuring the Cast and Creators
Unaired/Extended Scenes
Commentary on the Pilot by Series Creator Eric Kripke, Director David Nutter and Producer Peter Johnson
Commentary on Phantom Traveler by Co-Stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles
Two additional featurettes: Day in the Life of Jared and Jensen and Supernatural: Tales from the Edge of Darkness
Gag Reel


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he'll be the voice of Red Hood!\0/

I've never watched a batman cartoon before...but I think now is a good of time as any to dive right in. :D
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Jensen Ackles and his longtime girlfriend Danneel Harris are engaged, her rep confirms exclusively to

The 31-year-old Supernatural actor and 30-year-old One Tree Hill actress have been dating for about three years but have been friends for nearly a decade. The couple, who are longtime members of the WB/CW family, co-starred in the 2007 romantic comedy Ten Inch Hero.

Danneel showed off her beautiful engagement ring on Saturday at the Breeders’ Cup in Los Angeles.

Congrats to the happy couple!


Squee!!! ♥

(now I really need a J/D Icon LOL)
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I'll recap in a bit, although everything I say will have been said a million in one times already, but I'm still going to gush! *nods* but for now...

My best pics of Vancon '09 )
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Don't forget to watch what the Leverage gang is up to!!..and be sure to check out DARK BLUE...staring LOGAN MARSHALL-GREEN!! ♥ and some other people including Nicki Aycox. *nods*...but back to the point...IT STARS LOGAN MARSHALL-GREEN! He plays DEAN! (it's like fate or something) So please watch it, love it! and then rub my nose in how great it is...because I can't see it! *sobs*
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By now you all should have read Big Damn Anti Hero by [ profile] arlad...if you haven't...GO NOW! seriously why are you still here? GO READ IT!...and then come back. *nods*

It's a wonderful fic, when I noticed the word count I was like how do you sum up such an epic movie in so little words, but then I read the fic and was like WHOA! That's how!...and the author borrowed one of the best lines from the film and it was so perfect! ♥

But I was reading through the comments, and was deeply shocked/saddened by how many people said something along the lines of 'I have never heard of this movie'....OMG PEOPLE! ARE YOU FOR REAL?! How do you not know one of the most epic movies of all times? SERIOUSLY! I don't understand how this movie went under the radar, how it ever fell off the radar. *shrugs* I mean I can still quote that movie from start to finish!

This has seriously depressed me, that there are millions of young people out there who have no idea who Happy Harry Hard-On is. This is what is wrong with the world today!...not only did the movie send out a wonderful message...but on a total shallow note...CHRISTIAN SLATER...DANCING! People I beg you, if you haven't seen this movie...RENT IT! Better yet buy it, because it's one you will be watching over and over again.

So in short, my public service announcement for the night is...




17/6/09 18:04
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Okie dokie, they say things happen for a reason...and I do believe that...ok so this morning I was all depressed because you need to have more money then a small farmer to eat cheese with Misha. *sobs* ...but by not maxing out my credit card to eat cheese with Misha...I can now afford to go and see AARON PRITCHETT YAY!! Today I was listening to the radio and they announced that Aaron was heading back to Whisky Dix on July 16th! YAY!!...I thought he was kidding around about looking for a place in the city but geez he might as well move here, with all the time he's been spending here.

Anyway REQUEST...opening up for him is local boy Bryce Pallister \0/ and I had no idea his cd was available I do not have it! *GASP* would any of you lovely charming awesome people mind going H E R E and steal borrow the songs he has up...PLEASE!!? (especially 'One Day') PLEASE!

Thank you!!!
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Are you looking?! LOOK!


Pic taken at the opening night performance of 'Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo' at the CTG/Kirk Douglas Theatre on May 17, 2009 in Culver City, California.

Can not breathe!! Must die now!! *THUD*

Not only a new Logan pic (and he's looking mighty fine) but a new Ben pic (also fine!)...and they're TOGETHER!!!

Ok must go dig up my fave Atwoodcest fics...What?! ....I wonder if anybody ever wrote Ben/Logan fic? *runs off*
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Opposites by [ profile] bloody___reject, Christian Kane/Aaron Pritchett, R, People hate people that are too much like themselves. It'd be a good explanation for why Christian hates Aaron.

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Ok I will be mostly off my computer today because Paul and I are going to see John Pinette tonight, so I'll be out all day getting all the chores done. So that means I will be away from the J2 awesomeness that is posted.

LET ME KNOW WHAT THE SQUEE IS PLEASE!? LINK ME, TELL ME, WRITE IT IN THE SKY BUT I NEED TO KNOW IT!...that way all I have to do is get online, check, squee and go to my happy place LOL.

I can't watch youtube, but feel free to give me a blow by blow recap of any awesome vids LOL. I wont say no to Misha updates either :)

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Ok epic SPN squee coming up later...because DEAN/CAS OTP! ♥

But until then...

SOUTHLAND...APRIL 9TH 2009 on NBC 10/9c
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Thursday, April 9, 10 p.m.
Cast: Benjamin McKenzie, Tom Everett Scott, Regina King, Michael Cudlitz, Kevin Alejandro, Arija Bareikis

Ben Sherman (Ben McKenzie) is a rookie cop who's being shown the ropes by his partner, John Cooper (the great Michael Cudlitz). As he learns about the streets and struggles with a cop's life in L.A., which includes shooting a man dead on his first shift, the audience learns along with him. As McKenzie says, "This [cop's life] is a way of being. This is a tribe you are entering, and you are going to do it for the rest of your life, or [you are going to] die doing it."

Verdict: With this cast, a John Wells gritty cop drama in ER's old time slot is almost an unbeatable proposition.


Wednesday, April 8, 10 p.m.
Cast: Amber Tamblyn, Jeremy Renner, Adam Goldberg, Harold Perrineau

A motley crew of New York detectives split their time between solving crimes and working out their wacky personal problems. Amber Tamblyn is a rookie detective just promoted from undercover-hooker work, Jeremy Renner (Angel) is her hot but unsympathetic new partner. Meanwhile, Adam Goldberg's character has brain cancer (maybe he and Izzie could be friends?), but he would rather die in the line of duty than get chemo. His partner, played by Lost's Harold Perrineau, is the exact opposite: He was shot and survived, but now refuses to take off his bulletproof vest and pretty much bubblewraps his life.

Verdict: Promising, but hard to tell without seeing more.

I don't think I can say just how excited I am that both Amber and Ben will be back on my screen!! DUDE!'s been far to long for both. Both shows sound interesting and worth investing in. Would I give the unusuals a chance if Amber wasn't in no (but for Amber, I'd watch her, watching paint dry). But I would be giving Southland a chance without Ben, Because John Wells and Cop drama equals all sorts of awesome!

I'm also giving a mention to Harper's Island, one because of Jim Beaver...and secondly it looks creepy. Is it going to do it's up against Southland!...which is totally screwing with my Thursday nights, beacause now I have to watch one at 9 and the other at Midnight, which is going to make me late for my SPN rant (because I've read yes chances are it will be more rant then squee) ...but The Unusuals is on Wed, and I only have Being Erica on Wed, so it fits perfectly! :D

Also, any fanforum peeps floating around, I'd like to direct your attention to the wonderful SOUTHLAND CAMPAIGN THREAD! ...we also have one for MISHA COLLINS CAMPAIGN THREAD so get your butt over there and help us keep them active! Please?


On a side note, Not so much on my flist (because my flist thinks he hung the moon) but around, there is some Jared negativity...people, do not be mad at the Jared...instead focus your energy into trying to find a way to make this Gen's fault...and hate on her!! *nods*... *looks innocent*
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Ok so I come online and think ooh I'll see what's going on on LJ...and honest to Jensen, the first 5 posts on my flist was OMG JARED! I start to think...ooh new I click one of the links...and MY GOSH!!...I don't fangirl over Jared nearly enough, but at times like this it MUST BE DONE! I don't really care if this is the 99th time you see these pics on your flist today, because MY GOSH! You can never have enough!

This is my FAVE pic!...HOOKER JARED!! ♥ Good gosh I wish I had enough money to afford him! *drools*...this pic so reminds me of that one fic, where for his birthday I think Jared wants Jensen to play a hooker, so 'JR' meets up with Jared on some backstreet and hot sex happens, and then later on Jared gets a note from 'JR' saying that if he ever wants to see him again, just let Jensen know, and Jensen will get him the message.(I must refind that fic) after this pic, I think 'JT' needs to come out and play! *nods*...anyway where was I? Oh right...LOOK AT JARED! *whimpers*...and if you honesetly thought this pic would go behind a cut, we really don't know eachother well enough!

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Seriously I'm not picking on certian RUDE cast members BUT This is how you do a proper interview!!


Every syllable out of his mouth, just makes me love him more!! ...I'm seriously jealous of the people who get to meet him this weekend! *pouts*
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More details on the MBV DVD release:

Coming May 19th are both a standard DVD and a Special Edition disc, plus a Blu-ray edition. All three will present the film in both widescreen 2-D and 3-D (with four pairs of glasses); the DVDs present the movie with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, and the Blu-ray sports DTS-HD 7.1 Master Audio. Supplements on the Special Edition DVD and the Blu-ray include:

• Audio commentary by director Patrick Lussier and co-writer Todd Farmer
• Deep Inside MY BLOODY VALENTINE making-of featurette
• Sex, Blood and Screams—The Special Make-Up FX of MY BLOODY VALENTINE featurette
• Deleted and extended scenes
• Gag reel

The Blu-ray additionally includes MoLog Movie Blog interactive and Lionsgate Live enabled features, plus a standard-definition digital copy of the movie on a second disc. Cover art is coming soon; retail price is $29.95 for the basic DVD, $34.98 for the Special Edition and $39.99 for the Blu-ray.

MBV DVD cover art:



May 19th now instead of the 26th? YAY! ...but now I have to go change all my counters. *pout* LOL


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