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was just on BEING ERICA!

Squeeee!!!! ♥

Ok I'll be back to squee later but if you still have time in your time zone...

BE SURE TO WATCH BEING ERICA and THE FORGOTTON (so much love for both shows!)
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Howdy, so instead of making a bunch of different posts, I'm making a huge one. LOL some old news, some newer news, but nothing ground breaking, sorry...

oh but first new header and layout, still working the kinks out of the layout, like the neon green, so for now please ignore. :)


A week with out Sebastian is like a week without sunshine! *bawls* I'm going through withdrawls! So since I need a Seb is his group audition, with Oliver, Mookie and Tetiana. I MISS HIM! *sobs*

Now we interrupt the regularly scheduled Pretty Boy Month Picspam with this important news bulletin...

Jensen Ackles is a HOTTASS!

Need proof? )


I'm not the biggest Zac and Vanessa fan, got nothing against them, just don't feel the need to fangirl over them. Not really a HSM fan, it kind of annoys me, except the Evans twins!! ♥ they are made of WIN! *nods* but I can admit to knowing when something his HOTT! and these new pics of Ashley and Zac? HOTT! ♥

he said, she said )
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Okie dokie so I'm two weeks behind. oops! And I didn't even squee yet this week, because I missed it, but taped it but haven't bothered watching anybody but Seb, Mookie, Earl and Theo, so I don't even know if Ben said/did anything that was worth slashing about. :( ...but anway...I don't care what the judges say Seb was F A N T A S T I C this week! He sang Elvis' "Love Me" I didn't love him enough already he goes and sings one of my all time favorite Elvis songs! *swoon*

I'm worried about him always being in the bottom three though. :( I think he needs a jaw dropping week where every body is just like WOW where did that come from, you know like Melissa had when she sang "I need a hero" She was always in the bottom three, she sang that and I don't think she saw the bottom three again. *nods*

and ok to make it clear how much I loved this performance, I have compeletely overhauled my Fanforum look, I am now supporting a Seb icon, and my siggy is a song quote! 0_0 That is love people!


Here is the vid for Love Me! It's gorgeous! ♥

Seb singing, Let's spend the night together from the week before )

If you want MP3s any of the vids I've been posting, be sure to visit H E R E
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Just catching up on Sebastian's performances. :)


Bring it on Home To Me (Best performance yet! the hips *THUD*)

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JAYDEE BIXBY! So as promised I went on search for his cd today...Wal-Mart didn't have it, even though on their July poster it's pictured (the bastards!) So I had to go to the mall...I HATE THE MALL! but for important things I will suffer through it (and by suffer I mean suffer, just think of the mall, on a hot day, when school is out! :( ) But Jaydee falls under the important catagory so off to the mall I went...and thankfully the first store I went to, had it! \0/ And as tempting as it was to listen to, I waited until I got home so I could have total silence and just focus on the cd...and once all 12 tracks played my first reaction was....WOW!...followed by is this the same little Jaydee we saw on CI? because...WOW!

Now I am the first to wave my Jaydee flag high and proud, I adore him! I think he's super talented and deserves to be insanely famous, not only for his voice but for just being honest and real. But I have to admit I was worried about what this cd would be like, because while I do think he's talented I can also admit he had some shakey moments on CI, maybe he was nervous, maybe he was just to young, could have been a million things but could he pull off a cd?...YES! In that last year since we've seen him, his voice has matured and it's lowered a bit, gotten a bit rougher and became pretty much perfect! He knows what his voice can do, he knows what he's comfortable seeing and he sells every single song on the cd, not at any point do you think OMG what is he thinking or trying to do?!

There isn't one song on the cd that made me ache to hit the skip button, a good mixture of ballads and knee slapping songs (Beware this is 100% country!), the first 5 songs are catchy and worth listening to, but it wasn't until Track 6 "Somewhere Tonight" that my repeat finger got itchy and it was almost impossible for me to keep the cd going so I could hear the rest of it, the chorus will get stuck in your head and you'll NEED to hear it steady. My favorite song though is Track 9, "Hard to Love You" '50's idol Jaydee gets to shine in this one, it's a depressing ballad about falling in love with the wrong person and you can close your eyes and see Jaydee standing on the Opry back then, one of those old fashion mics in front of him, tailord suit and slick backed hair, it's a beautiful song and it stretches over the decades, it could have been a hit back hten and it should be a hit now. ...and to close off the cd he chose to do a cover of "break it to them gently' I loved his version on CI, but this even better, who knew a year could make so much differance, he's not that sweet naive 16 year old we met, he's grown up and you can feel it through the emotion he puts into this song.

I'm not going to rate this cd on stars, but half of the songs get repeat status and the others get played all the way through...and I can't say that about a lot of the cds I own. I'm proud of Jaydee and the cd he's come out with, and if his single can get air time, people are going to stand up and take notice, and he'll be one of Canada's biggest and best country singers. ♥

SERIOULSY, SEBASTIAN PIGOTT WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME!... Seb I LOVE YOU! ...but sweetie I know Zack is foaming at the mouth for you but just say NO! You can't break Oliver's heart like that! )
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I'm serious! Jensen would not mind, plus he has Jared so it's fine!

How HOT can one man be? I mean seriously?! Not just looks but like sexiness?! Right?! *THUD*

Slashy squees for tonights CI )

Ok this was last weeks, but I'll post this weeks as soon as it's up. but watch, drool, gush, but hands off! He's mine! or Oliver's or Zack's or Ben's :(