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Ok we all know I LOVE DEAN AND CASTIEL ♥ but OMG this icon is just too funny!! Aww bitchy Sammy is all jealous. ♥ I just had to snag it, it's the first Sam alone icon I've had in ages...probably since 4x09 *nods* (btw it was made by [ profile] misty_creates)

Also pimping this icon...

made by [ profile] moodswingers

Because it's INSANELY PRETTY! LOOK AT HIM! *whimpers*
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In other news...

New layout again.


28/3/09 23:37
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I started an icon community for SOUTHLAND (which starts on APRIL 9th! on NBC Don't miss it!)

So come, join, share...Please? Or you know at least join so it doesn't look so lonely LOL Hopefully it will be just as busy as [ profile] fnl_icons Some day.


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First off, be sure to visit The Sandra K Hill Children's Foundation Auction it has all sorts of interesting goodies!!

Secondly, Love Me! ♥

My thread is H E R E


I will be back later with some fic recs because I have a new kink!! ♥

Also! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [ profile] munibunny and a slightly belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [ profile] latte_vanilla
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I have been trying to share this song with everybody for WEEKS! So please download it and love it! LOL ...first I tried to rip it straight from the cd to the computer but that failed, but I did manage to put it on my mp3 player then I figured out I could put it from there on the computer, then all I had to do was upload it. *sobs* I knew it would take awhile, but good gosh, it always quit half way through, I'd get disconnected or something...but finally, FINALLY! I have it uploaded and it's on yousendit (so you only have 7 days) and I get to share it!! I have so much love for this song it's kinda freaky,

I got some real bad news this morning
they said our baby wont survive the day
here I sit feeling so helpless
as her heartbeat fades away

it feels odd calling it a beautiful song when it deals with such a tragic matter but it is honestly one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard (and no I'm not just fangirling becasue it's Zac) it is also one of the most heart breaking, so I warn you, it's a very emotional song, and it deals with the loss of a child. Written and perfromed by Zac Hacker, and his voice lends such an emotional connection to the song, as heartbreaking as it is, you'll find yourself hitting repeat and listening to it over agian, or at least I do. *nods*

FYI forgot who Zac was? He was a contest on Nashville Star 5, and came in second against his sister Angela, I spent months gushing about the man, hopefully you remember him a little bit. :) his voice as much as I do? His cd is available on
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Ok so remember a couple weeks ago I mentioned that [ profile] hesaysokiedokie and I were working on a comm focusing on Jared...well it's ready!

[ profile] luvsick_padapup[ profile] luvsick_padapup[ profile] luvsick_padapup

The idea of the comm is pretty simple, anything and everything involving a love sick Jared! Because we both feel that there is not enough Jared pining over somebody stuff out there! *nods* So we hope that it will encourage people to not only create it but to share it with us. :)

So please, Visit! Join! Share! & Pimp! (because we really need some pimpage)

Personally I'm hoping for some Jared/Sammy helplessly in love with Jensen/Dean where Jensen/Dean is really slow on the uptake so it causes Jared/Sammy angst fics. :D
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It's that time of um week again! Time to pimp one of my fave Canadain guys! ♥ I've been wanting to pimp him forever and a day but I couldn't find a vid on youtube that would let me embed it or whatever but I found one! \0/ so here is your mission that I demand if you choose to accept it, Watch this video and then tell me how freaken awesome and sexy he is *nods*

Name, Aaron Pritchett
Video of Hold My Beer
Lyrics "hold my beer, while I kiss your girlfriend, cause she needs a real man, not a boy like you"
Why is he awesome? Good gosh where do I start? Listen to that voice? Look at those muscles *dreamy sigh* Stare at that smile! and he's like super SEXY! not like a Pretty boy Jensen sexy or a puppy dog Jared sexy but like a rugged good ol boy sexy, you like want to have sex with him on the floor of the garage or something. *looks* ...not that you don't want to do that with J2 or that they're not sexy like that it's just...different. (ok I'll stop here before I some how offend j2 without even meaning to) actually Aaron kinda reminds me of Christian Kane but maybe it's just me. *shrugs*..and not to be completely shallow, but that voice and he's a great song writer. *nods*

so enough of my!...gush! (up next if I can find a video is Johnny Reid)

From LYRICSMODE.COM lyrics archive
Song lyrics | Hold My Beer lyrics
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Okie dokie, I've been meaning to do this since the charity'm clearly I'm late. *nods* but with only a couple of days left in the auction I figured it's about time to get my butt moving and pimp the wonderful hos on my flist that are selling their awesome talents in the name of charity! ♥

Once again Sweet Charity is raising money for RAINN which is a fantastic cause, so get out your money and buy yourself a ho!

[ profile] kashmir1 - fanfic
[ profile] keepaofthecheez - fanfic
[ profile] lostt1 - fanfic & graphics
[ profile] wine_into_water - fanfic

If these girls don't tickle your fancy then there are plenty more to choose GO! :D