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Favorite Actor: JENSEN ACKLES (Supernatural)
Favorite Nonhuman: CASTIEL (Misha Collins, Supernatural)
Favorite Sci-Fi Series: SUPERNATURAL

Jensen's on the cover of TV Guide again!! that's 3 now isn't it? \0/...and he's looking mighty fine!

The Jensen board is getting recustomized...but the deadline is April 17th...THAT IS LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY!!...Please, please please please let decent quality pics of this shoot be released before then! PLEASE!! it's the newest least looking Dean shoot we've had in ages!! WE NEED THESE FOR OUR NEW BANNER!!
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In TV Guides Fan Favorite Poll!
Let the world know he's our favorite!
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Snagged from [ profile] mrsr58


Square Enix Announces North American Ship Date and Celebrity Voice Cast for New Action-RPG LOS ANGELES, February 01, 2011 /PRNewswire/ —

Square Enix, Inc., the publisher of SQUARE ENIX® interactive entertainment products in North America, announced today that The 3rd Birthday™ will ship to North American retailers on March 29, 2011. Developed exclusively for the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system, The 3rd Birthday is an action-RPG that offers an all-new story-driven shooter for the handheld platform. Square Enix also revealed a celebrity voice cast for The 3rd Birthday, including Yvonne Strahovski of NBC’s Chuck as the voice of Aya Brea. “I was immediately interested when Square Enix approached me with the opportunity to play Aya Brea in The 3rd Birthday. I love Aya – she’s strong, driven and ready to take on the world,” said Yvonne Strahovski. “My goal was to bring all of her characteristics to life to really tell her story and create the best experience for all gamers.”
Additionally, the mysterious Kyle Madigan is voiced by Jensen Ackles of the CW’s Supernatural. “The 3rd Birthday will pull players in immediately with its incredible graphics and character-driven story line,” said Jensen Ackles. “I felt like I was creating a movie.”

youtube )

I like this voice work trend Jensen has going...hate that it's on systems I don't have! *pout*
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I know everybody is posting the new HQ promo shots...but I'm going to be different. BTW if you haven't heard...HQ promo shots are out...visit your flist...they're everywhere! *nod* ...those boys are G O R G E O U S!


Young, cute, adorkable Jensen!

My main question is...why have we never seen Dean do this?! :(
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Because of a pic [Unknown site tag] posted yesterday...I chose this vid today...

Hungover boys...SO CUTE!
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Day 2 brings us another oldie but goodie. :D ...which I think is how I'm going to spend all of Jensen Winter-Hellatus actually...just digging for oldies we haven't seen in awhile. *nods*

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It's that scary time a year again you know what that means?


First up we have an oldie but a goodie...

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Unless it's super mario I know nothing about gaming...but it looks like I'll have to get a new gaming system...because...

Jensen Ackles to voice Tron video game
Thursday, 21 October 2010
"Film and TV star Olivia Wilde and the actor who portrayed the original TRON character, Bruce Boxleitner, will headline the voice cast for the upcoming video game, TRON: Evolution, in addition to appearing in the highly anticipated December film, 'TRON: Legacy.' The Hollywood voice cast will star in the upcoming TRON: Evolution video games that bridge the storyline gap between the original 'TRON' film and the upcoming 'TRON: Legacy' film. Wilde, who plays Quorra, Kevin Flynn's confidant in the 'TRON: Legacy' film, will also star as that character in the TRON: Evolution video games.

Joining Wilde and Boxleitner as voices in the TRON: Evolution video games will be Jensen Ackles (Gibson), James Frain, John Glover (Abraxas), Nolan North (Behemoth, Sentries and Blaze), Kari Wahlgren (Radia), Robin Atkin Downes (Kalev), Terrence A. Carson (Calchas), and Fred Tatasciore (Kevin Flynn, Clu and Bosh). Diane Michelle, Yuri Lowenthal, and Laura Bailey also provide voice audio for the game."


So help this clueless gamer out...if you read the whole article does it mean that the game will be available for all of these systemts, the Xbox 360(R) video game and entertainment system, PlayStation(R)3 computer entertainment system, Wii(TM) home console, Games for Windows - LIVE, Nintendo DS(TM), and PSP(R) (PlayStation(R)Portable) system So I could buy any one of those and have Jensen's voice? ...because I've been wanting to get a Wii *nods*
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Snagged from [ profile] big_heart_june not sure where they were orginally posted.

I like the hair clip :)
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He looks so sad. :( It's because he misses the Vancon Fangirls. *nods*
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Bee, what is this Jensen-giving you speak of? Glad you asked! Let me explain. At Vancon [ profile] quoth_the and I started talking about Summer of Jensen...and how I epicly failed at it this summer. Then she said why don't you do something like Jensen-giving...basically Jensen summer in the fall. I thought ooh! That just might work! So long story not so short is, a daily pic of Jensen until Thanksgiving (Canadian...unless you all don't feel the need to kill me by then, then we might make it to the US one)

So to start us off...

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Good gosh the man is G O R G E O U S! ♥


Find more here
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(click for bigger because apparently I have no clue how to link the pic in orginal size *shrugs*)

Needless to say special guest appearace by Mrs. Ackles.

Now I'm not exactly swooning over the hair here...but I do love that sweet look he has. If only we can find the picture from the camera their looking into.


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