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Couldn't very well end Jared month without ever showing these cuties now could I? )

And that ends Jared month. *bawls*

I had so much fun with Jared month! I got to gush about Jared for a whole month! I love Jared! ♥ Thank you all for joining me i the Jared gushing and appreciating. He's an awesome man and an extremely talented actor, and just a tiny bit gorgeous. :)

Tune in next month or tomorrow (which ever) for the begining of Jensen/Jared & Dean/Sam month! Febuary is the month of love after all. ;)
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Sammy Winchester )
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Sorry for the the lack of Jared the last couple of days, not my fault! Photobucket HATES ME! *sobs* anyway, here are the missing one point the following picspam had some sort of order, and due to a wrong button pushed a couple of times, it not longer has an order. *looks* but it's still Jared and he's still pretty so really what does it matter right?

btw not dial up friendly )
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Today is brought to you by the letter J )

You all might want to check out this interesting Jared picspam from [ profile] fairest_gay *wink*

in other news photobucket can kiss my ass!
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Day 23 is coming...but PB is being an ass! :(
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it's Jared Month! so that means...yes more Jared )
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Did Somebody say Dimples? )
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I know I come off as a crazed, insane, obsessed Jensen fangirl *nods* and it's true I'm not going to try to deny it, but I really don't gush about Jared enough. The man is LOVE! Right? I mean he's perfect, he's sweet and caring, and loveable and a gentelman. and I have so much love for him! &heart;

Jared is &heart; I &heart; Jared! )
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such a pretty smile )
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More Sammy! )
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It's Jared Time! )
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Get your daily Jared fix... )

And for all of you who have been leading comments on Jared month, thank you. I'll be responding soon! *HUGS*
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Have I gushed about how in love with Dean Forester I am right now? I mean seriously! How sweet and adorable and perfect can one person be? Rory deserves a slap upside the head for treating him the way she did. They should have had a Gilmore Girls and Dawson's Creek crossover and have Dean and CJ hook up. *sigh* the two most perfect boyfriends together *sigh* talk about an overload of Schmoop. ♥ there has to be Dean/CJ fanfic out there right? If there isn't there should be!

If I were only a couple years younger, Dean would be mine! *dreamy sigh* know I'm starting to think I have a kink for guys named Dean. *shrugs*

Anyway enough with my Dean gushing....on to Dean pics....and don't be surprised if he pops back up durring Jared month because I'm sorta kinda obsessed with him at the moment. *looks innocent* )
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*insert witty Jared title here* )
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The word I'm looking for is ....YUMMY )
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