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I have tons of SUPER FANTATSIC writers on my I NEED to pimp the schmoop bingo that just you can all write schmoopy goodness!!

Now go, join! and be sure to write sugary sweet J2, Wincest, Jensen/Misha, Dean/Cas, etc!...or you know, whatever couple tickles your fancy, not trying to influence you or anything. *looks*

BTW...anybody playing any you know if you have to post all your bingo at once, or do you post your fics as you complete the...say you're going for a you wait until you have all five boxes done, or do you post each box one at a time until you're done your line?
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Ok this time it's

Life is Like A Song by [ profile] tabbyshhh
Jensen was adopted by the Padalecki's and he has a very low self esteem because he was abused before he got to them. And normally even with the promise of angst I would dive into something like this but the pairings are the length of my that's what I'm asking significant is the other pairings? Are they mostly in passing? Like on Saturday Jensen went out with Justin. end of story or is there like a story of him and Justin? Etc?

I'm really weird I can read almost any kink but you put the boys with somebody else and I freak out LOL.
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In an effort to be more open minded when it comes to kinks and this fandom I have decided to try reading some that I never would have even taken a second look at. Who knows, I might stumble onto a kink I love and never would have known it. *nods*

But I'm asking for your help...

We all have stories that we love, but never in a million years would we admit to reading them, never mind loving them. We're even too scared or shy too memory them, instead they're hidden in a long chain of links, that no sane person could ever find the pattern to. I would like you to link me those stories! No kink is off limits, even if you've seen me rant about it and thought it was dirtybadwrong! If it's your favorite story, I want it! *nods* I'll even take Ruby stories (and that is the one and only time you will ever hear me say that! but please don't rec skank stories just to cause me grief LOL)

I'm leaving this post unlocked so you can post your links anonymously, that way you don't have to be scared to.

So, any takers?
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First off Fic bunny! Jensen moves out! and Sadie keeps disappearing...she always leaves to go find Jensen and ends up in his front door step! *because clearly she knows the boys should not be apart!*...Harley can follow too.

ok onto other stuff

This would probably be best saved for something like a xmas wish list or something but eh that is like months away. *frown*

Does anybody want to shower me with SPN vids, mainly Dean/Cas, Sam/Dean, Jensen/Jared, or Jensen or Jared? See my wonderful internet wife always use to download tons of vids and put them on disc for me and send them over, but she's been so busy lately with a new marriage and baby! ♥ that she hasn't had the time. :(...but I'm seriously missing them. :( Since I can't see any because of being on dialup. :( I was just hoping that somebody out there has tons saved up and would love to burn them for me? *is hopefull and sending big puppy eyes* ...also wounldn't mind a Dean/Cas edit, since I didn't tape most of the season, and am now going through Dean/Cas withdrawls. :(

I can offer an exchange, I don't have anything amazing but for the CMM fans I have 'the lone ranger' and for Jared fans I have 'Ring of Endless light' and for Jensen fans I have full episodes of 'Mr Rhodes' and for the Misha fans...well I might have 'Karla' I haven't checked to see if I can copy that yet, but I'll get back to ya. and for Chris fans I have 'Rescue 77' poor quality, but you can see it, and hear it. *nods*

so any takers?
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Opposites by [ profile] bloody___reject, Christian Kane/Aaron Pritchett, R, People hate people that are too much like themselves. It'd be a good explanation for why Christian hates Aaron.

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Why are all the fics I'm sitting on the edge of my computer chair for, not being updated?! There are a few that I'm constantly checking my fpage for udates and NOTHING! *sobs* I'm all for feeding fic writers and letting them have sunshine and stuff but um...WRITE PLEASE! *tries her hardest not to look like a crazy stalker*

On that note...YOU MUST GO AND READ BRANDED YOURS By [ profile] feather_touch, so far only one chapter but OH MY GOSH! SO FREAKEN GORGEOUS! You'll get to the end and want to re-read it all over again!! It's a Dean/Sam fic (who's proud of me?)..and ok it's AU so it's not wincest (but she might make it wincest), slave fic, but it's a love story. I don't do the summary justice...GO SEE FOR YOURSELF! READ IT!

Can somebody explain to me the awesomeness of Sam/Cas? Because Dean/Cas, I totally understand and get and want to marry it, but Sam/Cas? Not even a little bit. *shrugs*

And does anybody write Shacob fic anymore? Seriously!
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Now of course I wont be playing, but I love reading what people come up with, so if you can write 20,000 words or love doing art...SIGN UP! ... all the info you need is posted over there, so go take a look, sign up, write a super long schmoopy J2/Wincest fic! (or whatever pairing you want but seriously J2 is the way to go LOL)

can I nit pick about one little thing? Why couldn't they have used different example couples? I feel icky now :(