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Hello! I need help finding a J2's driving me crazy!

It's an older one already...can't remember the length but I think it's at least 10k or more. It's a Jared hates Jensen at first fic. I'm pretty sure Jared is taking his niece/nephew out trick or treating and they end up on Jensen's doorstep, and while waiting for Jensen to open the door Jared spots a cat that is under fed and automatically think Jensen is a dick for not taking care of his cat properly. Jensen does answer the door eventually and had forgotten it was halloween so gives the kids something un-halloweeny. (which adds to Jared thinking he's a dick) and he hands Jensen the cat and tells him to take better care of it. ....turns out it's not even Jensen's cat and I don't even think it's his house, I think he's packing up his grandmother's house because she passed away or something. It has a happy ending. I might have other details wrong...but I'm sure on the cat thing. So if you have any idea what fic I'm talking about. Please please link me! I've checked my bookmarks and tried to google and am coming up with nothing. :(