5/7/14 02:49
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Don't tell me I have finally figured out how to post?! Ever since all the changes on LJ, it's been a bitch to get the posting page to load properly. What does a person need to do to get the 'post to country_bee' button to activate?! MY GOSH! Geez! So because I am epically smart...it FINALLY hit me that hey, why not post on Dreamwidth and cross post it here! Duh!

(So note to people on Dreamwidth seeing this...if you have de-friended me on LJ, and didn't bother to do it here because I have never used this account...you're going to have to defriend me here too. :))

Anyway...what's new?

There is probably lots new with me...but I can't remember what you know or don't know...so we'll just keep going. :D)

Still watching SPN...Still loving Dean...really looking forward to the new season! With any luck at all new!Dean (In case some people are still in the dark) will give Sam what he deserves :)...and then maybe after he can go back to normal...I'm in no rush for that though.

Still watching Dallas...although they are fucking with my OTP! NOT COOL!

Um oh and I started watching General Hospital again 0_0....just for the record Ryan Paevey is pretty! ♥ and Naxie is my OTP!


G O T H A M looking forward to this so very very very much! It's about batman as a kid or something...and like the batman people are all kids or younger or who they were before 'Batman' I don't know....never really got into the Batman fandom...no matter how big of a fan Dean is. but it does have one thing I care about....BENJAMIN MCKENZIE!! *whimpers*....have you seen the trailers? He's all BAMF sexy! *sigh*

SO while I remember...and can post...who's going to comic con? They're showing the pilot there and having a panel after. ♥ ....and they will have Gotham goodies (I'm assuming) I WANT THEM! What? So if anybody is going...and doesn't want Gotham goodies...can you snag them for me pwease?! *Adorablepuppyeyes*