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First off...I'm so very very tired. *thud*. It's okay to come back from Vancon being a zombie, but heading to vancon with a zombie status...could lead to trouble. LOL.

Anyway back to the emergency....

Once again, Vancon has rolled around and I am nowhere near ready (how does this always happen). Like last year, I would like to get only one thing signed instead of having a number of things to keep track of and lug would anybody be able to make me a poster? 1066x1600, and a good enough quality that it can be printed as a poster and not become grainy (I don't know what you would call that pixel-ly? *shrugs* Graphic people would know LOL)

Containing Dean, Sam, Cas, Crowley...not picky about the background...something spooky/graphic-y/special affects (IE. brushes/textures all that artsy stuff.) really not picky, oh and it saying Supernatural *nods* Oh and it can be standing or laying down, doesn't really matter.

Any takers? The real problem is the timeframe for this...sooner is better. I only have today and tomorrow to print it, because I get on the plane way too freaken early on Thursday (again what was I thinking!)

A HUGE big thank you to anybody who can help. :)
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