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Howdy everybody! What's new? I MISS LIVEJOURNAL SO VERY VERY VERY MUCH! *sobs* I miss rambling on and on about pointless things...I still do but it's just to myself. LOL. One day I shall be back! soon as they finally get the highspeed to go through. Remember those high speed thingys they were installing last October? STILL NOTHING!...I shoul get in the habbit of going to town everyday, I could bring by laptop and sit around having coffee, become a regular. I could sit at the farms table and chit chat with the guys about the latest cattle prices and post on LJ at the same time! Maybe this winter when it's too cold and miserable out to do anything else...have I mentioned lately that I HATE WINTER!...we are in the middle of a beautiful indian summer...well at least I think it is...maybe it's just a nice couple of October days. The spiders are out, but no lady bugs and yellow butterflies yet...those are always signs of Indain summer...maybe just maybe we still have more nice days left and this isn't indian summer, wouldn't that be nice? Geese are still here, and i heard one lonley frog tonight, he sounded kinda depressed and cold..but at least he's still out and about. LOL. oh and the rabbits haven't started to change colour yeah maybe we have a few nice fall weeks left. *nods*

Anyway...I came to post a request and ended up posting a novel...see I get distracted very easily *ooooh something shiney*...okay where was I? Ah yes JENSEN! you see these beautiful icons? Can somebody directly link me to the posts that have the Jensen promo pics? I have managed to find the Jared ones, but the Jensen ones are being sneaky. :( Tumblr and dialup do not get along so It's taking me forever to find them. I figured somebody must have the link or even have them uploaded somewhere else by now. So please, pretty please can somebody hook a girl up? THANK YOU!