country_bee: (Jensen-sexy feet)

Okay so I know I'm what, 7 years to late for this fandom? but I FINALLY got into the show, and have been binge watching it. (Just started S3 (and I have watched the movie...which actually prompted the bindg watching but anyway...) So now I'm trying to find goodies...

Things I'm looking for...Fanfic! Veronica/Logan or Jason/Kristen. (I came across one last night and for a split second I thought But Bee he's married! that's skeevy...and then like a half second later, the other half of my brain offers...hello! you are a diehard J2 shipper, both are very married with kids...and you have a problem with Jason/Kristen? ....and then I realized, no I don't! Bring on the Jason/Kristen fic! LOL)

Any must browse through comms? sites? Gossip? Stuff like that. Even if a comm is inactive, if it was a good spot for goodies, I don't mind reading through the old stuff. I'm trying to suck everything in. *nods*

Thank you. :)