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Just getting this in under the wire...sorry about that!


and sorry the pic is under a cut today because it's a bit bigger then is friendly for my flist...

Clicky for Jensen! )
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Pretty Dean!

BTW do any of you know where I can find caps of the last episode? I can't download any, I need a site that has them up so I can browse through them and save the ones I like. Any ideas where I can look?
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So what should be the most epic day of the picspam...I miss it. :( I wont bore you with details of why I missed it, but I will finish it all up. *nods*

What's that you say? He's dreamy? Why, yes...yes he is! ♥

...did you miss a day of the UNTILTLED JENSEN LOVE UNTITTLED HIATUS PICSPAM THINGY? click click, all of them under the it's now an offical PICSPAM! LOL )

Thanks for sticking around and ignoring the hiatus with me! *HUGS*
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all together now....*dreamy sigh*....

Second last day folks! then the hiatus will be over! I'm almost sad. LOL

But ....stay tuned from January 22nd to Febuary 4th for a special edition of daily hiatus picspam titled...GIVE US OUR ANGEL BACK NOW!(or a variation of other titles) featuring screencap/pics of one of SPNs dynamic duos ...Dean and Cas!
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Bee has no words! happens from time to time.
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Good Gosh! Does that man never have a non-Sexy day?!
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my icon says it ALL!
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Seriously can he be any more perfect? He's not like freaky built where you think he might squish you, but he's definately in shape and oh so YUMMY!
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So A D O R A B L E! ♥
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I don't know about the horsegrooming thing, but I know that if somebody that looked like Jensen wearing those clothes came to take care of my horses, they'd be groomed every second of every day. *nods*
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My gosh look at that smile! *whimpers*
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Am I the only one that thinks he is about to or just has finished one of his happy dance/wiggle moves? ...I love how Jensen can put together a tie and sweater and slacks and still look so damn good! ♥
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Sorry I missed yesterday folks. :( So today there will be 2 :)

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Tiny pic, but oh so cute! ♥


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