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By far, Billie Jean. *nods* followed by Beat it and Bad...also really love Man in the Mirror. *nods* and of course Thriller and ooh Black or White *nods*
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Anybody with a spare invite?

I'm trying the openid thing but it's confusing me since I'm in a rush, apparently cows need to be feed, whatever! Gosh I can't wait for summer LOL

Happy Thursday!! Don't forget Harper's Island and Southland tonight!!
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Hmm I wonder if I could change the header to rotating? ooh!
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Why are all the fics I'm sitting on the edge of my computer chair for, not being updated?! There are a few that I'm constantly checking my fpage for udates and NOTHING! *sobs* I'm all for feeding fic writers and letting them have sunshine and stuff but um...WRITE PLEASE! *tries her hardest not to look like a crazy stalker*

On that note...YOU MUST GO AND READ BRANDED YOURS By [ profile] feather_touch, so far only one chapter but OH MY GOSH! SO FREAKEN GORGEOUS! You'll get to the end and want to re-read it all over again!! It's a Dean/Sam fic (who's proud of me?)..and ok it's AU so it's not wincest (but she might make it wincest), slave fic, but it's a love story. I don't do the summary justice...GO SEE FOR YOURSELF! READ IT!

Can somebody explain to me the awesomeness of Sam/Cas? Because Dean/Cas, I totally understand and get and want to marry it, but Sam/Cas? Not even a little bit. *shrugs*

And does anybody write Shacob fic anymore? Seriously!
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I heard something very disturbing today, so it forced me to ask the following question....

[Poll #1187520]

Ok now that that is out of the way, HELLO to all my new friends I made on the Jensen/Dean friending meme that [ profile] jellicle is having H E R E and also the Jared friending meme she is having H E R E

Thanks you all who jumped in on the JENSEN LOVE MEME and it's still going strong so if you haven't jumped in yet, don't be shy. :D

Ok I'm going to run for a bit, Quantum Leap is on! \0/ ♥

Oh before I go, just saw the new Hedley video IS Jake trying to be Elvis? Was that the point of the vid? *shrugs*...also does Hedley have a new song out that is not on the cd? I could have sworn I heard a Hedley song on the radio that I haven't heard befor....I must be losing my mind...I blame SPN.
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I've been busy! New Header, New Friends Only, New User Info Banners, all made by me, and when I say made by me I mean colored and cropped LOL nothing fancy but I like them. *nods* I had snagged a bunch of banners for my user info, but ended up going with my own because it was taking to long to load. *g* so I'll slowly work through them all. *nods* Take a peek if you'd like.

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WELCOME to all the new friends I made at [ profile] storydivagirl's journal. SUPERNATURAL FRIENDING MEME and to the new girls on my flist from Fanforum! \0/ I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better. :) Hopefully I don't scare you away. I'm normal, really I am...kinda...

and in other news...I don't have any. :)

Happy Thursday! SPN is back! well repeats and that's good enough for now.
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Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave you met_______? Meme


Somebody tagged me the other day on a meme and now I can't find it. *blushes* if it was you could you link me or just say hey it was me and I'll go find it again please. :D


Day 15 of Jensen month is coming up later, stay tuned. :D


and a bit THANK YOU to [ profile] storydivagirl for the wonderful birthday cupcake \0/ *HUGS*


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