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Is FF down again?! ARGH!

Anyway it's that time of year again! In less then a week we'll be on summer hiatus *sobs*...last summer I did the summer of Jensen!...what should I do this year?

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Please fill it out. I know what I consider Baby!Jensen but it may differ from other people LOL

And I use tv shows at timelines instead of like anything before 2003 and stuff like that. Just to make it easier.

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Ok so fine, my Fanforum sig might be a little bit Sam snobby...but he's in my icon...doesn't that count for anything? Baby steps people! Baby steps!...I'm tryin! I would love nothing more than to be able to be all Sam gushy...but I just can't! He hurt Dean too much!...I'm hoping by the end of the season, I have my Sam love back, but I'm not holding my breath.

In other news...
Jensen Summer is on it's last few do I do a Jensen fall? I was thinking of waiting taking a break and waiting until hiatus started...what do you think?

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I was just curious, am I the only one that still has deep rooted issues with Sam? I mean sure what happened in the finale was a START to him being awesome again, but I'm not ready to forgive and forget just yet. But with what I've been reading on boards and over here that the golden boy is back to wearing his halo and I'm all, seriously? *shrug*

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Feel fee to comment and let me know what you think on this subject. *nods*
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If you don't know who I'm talking about...don't worry LOL I forgot to put a don't know or neither choice.

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For the record, I have been really good and skipped out on TWO wanks!! TWO! I think I'm entitled to play in this one. *nods*

[ profile] hesaysokiedokie were chatting and trying to find any bright side on the possiblity of Jared dating whats her face (if it's true)...and well talk led to this...

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Thank you for taking the poll, feel free to comment, vent, ect and please come again when new wank hits fandom. :D
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So I'm trying to get things sorted out so it runs smoothly this year, unlike the few skipped days last year *looks innocent* ...I hope to throw in a bit more then pictures this year, but I'm not promising anything, unless somebody would like to help me out, and do like an icon a day, or vid a day or something of the sort *nods* ...but my main question is, last year I did a pic for every day, for example on Dec 9th, I posted 9 pics, on the 25th I posted 25 I do the same thing this year or add them all up, which comes out to 496 pics and divide them evenly, which works out to 16 pics a day. *nods* ...or do I do it some other way? Opinions please!!

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It's no secret about how I feel about Ruby, and maybe that is why I'm noticing a lot more Ruby icons lately, Ruby, Sam/Ruby, Dean/Ruby etc etc I'm starting to worry that I am part of the minority in fandom *sobs* let me know how you feel about her, and don't worry if you love her, I wont hold it against you. *nods*

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I heard something very disturbing today, so it forced me to ask the following question....

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Ok now that that is out of the way, HELLO to all my new friends I made on the Jensen/Dean friending meme that [ profile] jellicle is having H E R E and also the Jared friending meme she is having H E R E

Thanks you all who jumped in on the JENSEN LOVE MEME and it's still going strong so if you haven't jumped in yet, don't be shy. :D

Ok I'm going to run for a bit, Quantum Leap is on! \0/ ♥

Oh before I go, just saw the new Hedley video IS Jake trying to be Elvis? Was that the point of the vid? *shrugs*...also does Hedley have a new song out that is not on the cd? I could have sworn I heard a Hedley song on the radio that I haven't heard befor....I must be losing my mind...I blame SPN.


2/5/08 02:33
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A couple of people have mentioned wanting to do Jared month on their own journals *g* Which is awesome \0/ (but why didn't Jensen month catch on?) :( I was just wondering if I should do a Jared month as well? I had planned to because everybody knows I'm a diehard borderline stalker Jensen lover :D but I feel guilty when I don't show Jared the same amount of attention *g*

so ....

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btw I only voted don't care so I can se the poll results LOL ...I do care. :D because Jared is made of awesome. :D


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