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(click for bigger because apparently I have no clue how to link the pic in orginal size *shrugs*)

Needless to say special guest appearace by Mrs. Ackles.

Now I'm not exactly swooning over the hair here...but I do love that sweet look he has. If only we can find the picture from the camera their looking into.
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So I saw these pics...

...and...well...There use to be a day where Jared would glomp on Jensen and Jensen would be all smiles...and now...just look at the space between them :( I've seen them both look happier in photo ops with fans. *shrugs*

I'm not trying to say they're is something wrong there I'm just saying it's sad. :( I mean yes they're older and more mature and blah blah's just sad. :(

That said...I do love that Jensen seems to be wearing v-necked t-shirts more and more...and Jared's boots are to DIE FOR!! ♥ is Jensen's! *nods*
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ok I did...but that's not the point...I will try to keep up with it the best I can...but daily might not happen. :(

I snagged these from [ profile] stir_of_echos who got them from Just Jared

Somewhere in Vancouver...there is a very sad padda puppy because a Jennybear stole his gummies! )
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*le sigh*

random...but does anybody know what happened to that thing when you start typing in a tag, the tag pops up and you don't have to finishing typing?...did LJ just quit it...or do I need to reset something on my computer?
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Some red eye happening...but a good hand shot for those of you who are into that kinda thing. *nods*
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I have a theory...*starts singing Buffy songs*...wait...sorry back on track!...Now I admit it's been ages since I stared at Jared's jeans, and it couldn't be possible because they supposedly didn't know each other back then (even though they had tons of friends in common...but whatever, if that's the story they're sticking to then I'll play along)...but is it just me, or do the jeans Jensen is wearing in this pic...look a lot like Jared's FAVORITE jeans (that we haven't seen in forever. *sobs*) You remember them don't you? He wore them EVERYWHERE! Look at the tear/hole above the knee? And notice how baggy they are on Jensen? Hmmm...I'm telling you it's something to ponder! *nods*

Anyway...Happy 50TH DAY OF SOJ! (only 84 more days to go!)
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Not the best pic colour wise...but MY GOSH there is something insanely sexy about this pic! ♥
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Say what you will...CJ still remains to be one of my all time favorite Jensen characters...I put him right behind Dean and Alec...and maybe Tom...hmmmm. Well I'll decide on that later. *nods*

EDIT: Nope before Tom, so it's Dean, Alec, CJ, Tom
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For those of you who crave a younger, slightly adorkable but still sexy, Jensen!
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Not the best pic, but it's one that doesn't make the rounds often...which is hard to come by LOL.

Guest Apperance by the wonderful Ali Sweeney.
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I don't understand the whole deer in the headlights look...but I do LOVE the outfit! *nods*
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...and that is the definition of P E R F E C T I O N!
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Look at that smile! *dreamy sigh* I found my happy place!

gone for the rest of the day..Jaydee and Aaron tonight! \0/


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