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Another special guest appearance by one Mr. Padalecki

I miss squishy boys!
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A J2/Wincest SCHMOOP Comment Fic meme!

How to Play
.::.Leave a comment here with a prompt involving either J2 or Wincest (or both) (can be AU or not)
.::.Any genre, any rating. As long as the prompt involves schmoop, the schmoopier the better! ♥
.::.Go through the prompts to find one you like, and write a fic for it. There are NO limits as to how many people can reply to a prompt, or how many prompts a person can write for.
.::.Please PIMP! ♥

A writers drug is feedback, Please do yor part to be an enabler!

Master List )
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I'll recap in a bit, although everything I say will have been said a million in one times already, but I'm still going to gush! *nods* but for now...

My best pics of Vancon '09 )


11/7/09 14:48
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Yup the same vid you've seen in every other post of your flist...but I HAD TO POST IT!


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Thank goodness for sequels or I never would have found this fic.

Jared decides to be gay by [ profile] freak_out J2, NC-17 for language and implied themes
Jensen's world is turned upside down when his 'straight' co-star isn't so straight any more.

A beautiful story of how the boys come together, just enough angst to tug at your heartstrings without driving you crazy, and through out the whole story it has this cozy warmth to it. You won't be able to read it just once, I guarantee it will turn out to be one of your faves.
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First off Fic bunny! Jensen moves out! and Sadie keeps disappearing...she always leaves to go find Jensen and ends up in his front door step! *because clearly she knows the boys should not be apart!*...Harley can follow too.

ok onto other stuff

This would probably be best saved for something like a xmas wish list or something but eh that is like months away. *frown*

Does anybody want to shower me with SPN vids, mainly Dean/Cas, Sam/Dean, Jensen/Jared, or Jensen or Jared? See my wonderful internet wife always use to download tons of vids and put them on disc for me and send them over, but she's been so busy lately with a new marriage and baby! ♥ that she hasn't had the time. :(...but I'm seriously missing them. :( Since I can't see any because of being on dialup. :( I was just hoping that somebody out there has tons saved up and would love to burn them for me? *is hopefull and sending big puppy eyes* ...also wounldn't mind a Dean/Cas edit, since I didn't tape most of the season, and am now going through Dean/Cas withdrawls. :(

I can offer an exchange, I don't have anything amazing but for the CMM fans I have 'the lone ranger' and for Jared fans I have 'Ring of Endless light' and for Jensen fans I have full episodes of 'Mr Rhodes' and for the Misha fans...well I might have 'Karla' I haven't checked to see if I can copy that yet, but I'll get back to ya. and for Chris fans I have 'Rescue 77' poor quality, but you can see it, and hear it. *nods*

so any takers?
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[ profile] imissyourmusk[ profile] imissyourmusk[ profile] imissyourmusk


In other news...

New layout again.
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Ok I will be mostly off my computer today because Paul and I are going to see John Pinette tonight, so I'll be out all day getting all the chores done. So that means I will be away from the J2 awesomeness that is posted.

LET ME KNOW WHAT THE SQUEE IS PLEASE!? LINK ME, TELL ME, WRITE IT IN THE SKY BUT I NEED TO KNOW IT!...that way all I have to do is get online, check, squee and go to my happy place LOL.

I can't watch youtube, but feel free to give me a blow by blow recap of any awesome vids LOL. I wont say no to Misha updates either :)

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So a lot of you are on your way to meet the boys. *sniffle* I wish I could be there with you all, so since I can't I'm wishing you all a safe and fun time! *group_hug* ...I need lots and lots and lots of J2 loving recaps. *nods*, and possibly some foot pics...if you all wouldn't mind *looks innocent* ...and anybody who wants to ask Jensen to marry me and then kidnap him for me, I will love you for life! LOL ...oh and if anybody wants to ask Jared what Jensen sounds like in the morning *coughLizcough* Please do so!! We want to know!! *nods*

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Yup, I'm posting it too, LOL How can I not?

We’ve heard that you’ve recently moved and that you’re now the housemate of Jared Padalecki in Vancouver. Is this true?

"Yes, together, but with the purest of intentions, even if he's constantly harassing me for sexual favors." (laughs) "As a matter of fact, he bought this house with a friend of his last year and I was living together with a friend of mine in my apartment. Then, my friend moved back to L.A. Jared, then asked me to move in with him in that gigantic house of his. I think he was feeling a little lonely with just his dogs to keep him company. So, that’s how we became the next housemates of Jareds place. It made a lot of sense, since we already spent a lot of time with each other while we’re on set. We’re pretty much like brothers and we’re the best of friends. We hardly ever argue at all."

And we're suppose to believe the just friends crap? Silly boys!

Just Jensen's eye of the tiger, so I can find it at all times )
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It's ALL OVER THE PLACE so I'll only say this....

Jared and Jensen live together and carpool to work every day. They like to rib each other about who is lazier than whom in the morning, and it's very cute.

Source Beward of Spoilers.

That is all....*Dies*
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I was so busy looking at the GORGEOUS sad Jared pics that I almost missed the announcement that we're getting a S4! Heee! CW Finally doing something right! Hee! I am so bouncy right now it's not even funny! I do fear though we are going to get one hell of a cliffhanger now that Kripke and company know we're coming back *bawls* Kripke I beg of you, NO DEAD DEAN OR EVIL SAM!

Smallville and OTH are also coming back. Seriously? *shrugs* *ducks flying objects*

Back to Jared, he looks so sad :( I'm hoping it's because of major birthday celebrating. *nods* When are we going to find out what he got Jensen for his birthday? ....also ring on the left hand? o.0

In other SPN squee news, Inkworks is coming out with a SPN Connection collection! Noooo! Normally I would be squeeing like a madwoman but I still haven't collected all of my S2 cards yet never mind these new ones. *bawls* I can't afford another set of Incentive cards damnit I just finished paying off the ones for S2. EVIL INKWORKS! EVIL! please please please postpone the release date! Please?

Now the only thing that can make this Monday better is really hungover Jensen pics or news that he broke up with D or pics of the boys together out and about! *nods*

Kane concert tonight right? For the love of Pete somebody get a long version of Let Me GO! PLEASE! I know it's all illegal and stuff but seriously I need the full version of that song NOW! *nods*
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Sorry for the drought :(

J-squared goodness to brighten up the weekend )
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Winchesters! )
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Before tonights pretty I have to pimp my girl Eve ([ profile] blackbirdj2) Who wrote and sang a song dedicated to Jensen's freckles. *sigh* It's fantastic! Go Listen! Jensen has these freckles, They are so beautiful and fine

No onto day 5 of pretty boys...
So Happy Together )
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They also grow'em pretty in Kansas )
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They grow'em pretty in Texas )
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Hustler Dean )
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New month...means new gushing....

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