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Okay so Delicious is pissing me off! I CAN NOT WORK WITH NO TAG CLOUDS! I CAN'T! *breathe* I'm really considering changing bookmarking sites...does anybody have any recommendations? I want something that is a lot like delicious but you know...WITH A TAG CLOUD!

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
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They changed everything. :( do I get my tags to show up when I'm bookmarking something. They don't honestly think I can remember them on my own do they? *sobs*
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First...why do I not have an icon of Jensen with his camera?

Secondly...yes SOJ is coming back soon! I appologize

Thirdly and the main reason I'm posting....

I know NOTHING about those of you who are camera smart...can you take a look at THIS page and point me to the best camera for the best price, etc. Or at least a list of like the top 3 cameras. I'd kill for a camera that when you snap a picture it takes the picture and doesn't wait 20 seconds so that your kodak perfect moment is long gone and instead you have a blury pic of somebody who looks like they just ate something sour.

Thank you :)


5/2/10 16:14
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Please let soeebody have pitty on this poor girl stcck on dialup and link me to a downloadable version of the jENSEN Vvideo going around? PLEASE!!! I'm begging you!
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Does anybody know how to do that thing where your headers rotate? Like everytime you refresh your page a different header is used?
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okie dokie, HELP please! I saw an icon a few days back, it's from the tv interview the boys did in aussie, but the crop was focused on Jensen/Misha, and it was animated and it had Jensen laughing and Misha staring at Jensen (like we all would if we were sitting that close to Jensen and he was carefree and laughing. *dreamy sigh* and after the animation it said something like Misha can't take his eyes off of Jensen. ...Does anybody know that icon, and know where I can find it? I've been looking but with all the Dean/Castiel and Misha/Jensen stuff I read through daily I might as well be looking in a haystack...chances are it was at [ profile] deancastiel or [ profile] jensen_misha ...or I saw it used in comments to a fanfic...and if that's the case, I'm screwed because there is no way I'll track it down. I could have sworn I saved it, but I guess not. *sobs*

....also any other Jensen/Misha icons you may know of would be awesome...or Jensen/Misha/Jared *nods*
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Ok so here is my problem, I LOVE my current layout, it's super pretty and I think the header and defult icon (that I shall never change apperntly LOL) go really well. But I can not get use to it. It takes me twice as long to read through my flist for some reason. *shrugs* I'm a flexible squares type of girl. (and what is this I hear about LJ changing everything back to S1 in June? Will I loose my Flexible squares? *sobs*) So what I'm hoping is, that somebody can help me with a Flexible Squares layout, where we can change it so it's using THESE colors, but also take colors that would go with THIS header. Like have the links be that color or something.

Any takers? I can change a layout without much difficulty if the code is set out for me, but to do it from scratch? EEK!

In other news...I will be catching on my flist and comments ASAP. :)

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Okie dokie, I was trying to install an expansion pack, and it was taking awhile so I went and did something else and when I came back it had stoped and said insert disk two, but my mouse was froze, so I inserted disk two, and clicked enter and it finished loading. Then when it finished it said something like it now has to varify it's uploaded or something like that, but my computer was froze, the mouse wouldn't work and neither would the enter. so I had to shut it off. After I restarted it, thats when I noticed the problem, The exapansion pack is listed, but I Can't do anything with it, it wont open, and putting the disk back in doesn't help, and when I went to uninstall so I could reinstall it wont do anything,it's like it's listed but not there. ...Now what? How can I start all over again?