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Top 7 - Brick House
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I've never really considered Jacob as HOT or Sexy or any of that...but in this song? um YES!

Top 8 - Everything
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Top 9 - Space Oddity....LOOK AT HIM! ♥
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Because when you think Jacob think...HEAD ON MY SHOULDER!

Top 10 Week - Head on My Shoulder

*dreamy sigh*
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Yes another one, if I can find them I plan on posting all of his CI songs...he made it to you've been warned! LOL. If you haven't watched him yet, what are you waiting for?!

Top 32 - Only the good die young!

In other news...I MISS BEN! *sobs*
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You might be asking, Bee who the hell is he? I'll tell you!

He's the lead singer of might remember me gushing about them once or twice?

Bee what is with the obsession all of a sudden?

Not all of a sudden, I was SO IN LOVE with S2 of CI! *nods* and Jacob was a big reason of that. I'm feeling nostalgic. *nods*

This is his audition...Forever in Blue Jeans...

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First thing first...thanks to a post by [ profile] kashmir1 I have officially decided that the HOTTEST Supernatural promo pic EVER is this one! And what I mean by HOTTEST actually HOTTEST EVER!


I don't know if I'm the only one...but cuffed jeans just kill me! Seriously, there is nothing more sexy then cuffed jeans! Actually Dean's whole outfit just turns me into a puddle of goo. LOOK AT IT! *flails* HOTTEST EVER! ...and aside from the Hottness that is Dean Winchester/Jensen...lets talk about how they boys are standing! *THUD*

Since my brain has exploded with that pic...I now post Canadian Idol Icons requested by [ profile] kissoffools. Janelle I hope they are ok...I'm not great at the whole icon thing. :( and I had no clue my Kalan pics were so limited LOL. I'm coming up with some more but for now here are these...

Canadian Boys make my heart go BOOM! )