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I gotta question for you all...See this vid...does anybody know of a version of this song with the same type of arrangment? Like instead of a happy sounding song, it's nice and depressing? because I LOVE THIS VERSION!

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Top 7 - Brick House
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I've never really considered Jacob as HOT or Sexy or any of that...but in this song? um YES!

Top 8 - Everything
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Top 9 - Space Oddity....LOOK AT HIM! ♥
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Because when you think Jacob think...HEAD ON MY SHOULDER!

Top 10 Week - Head on My Shoulder

*dreamy sigh*
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Yes another one, if I can find them I plan on posting all of his CI songs...he made it to you've been warned! LOL. If you haven't watched him yet, what are you waiting for?!

Top 32 - Only the good die young!

In other news...I MISS BEN! *sobs*
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You might be asking, Bee who the hell is he? I'll tell you!

He's the lead singer of might remember me gushing about them once or twice?

Bee what is with the obsession all of a sudden?

Not all of a sudden, I was SO IN LOVE with S2 of CI! *nods* and Jacob was a big reason of that. I'm feeling nostalgic. *nods*

This is his audition...Forever in Blue Jeans...

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Yup it's been like 5 years, but still I MISS SEASON TWO OF CANADIAN IDOL SO DAMN MUCH! *sobs* I miss the gang. I miss fandom (it was sane!) I miss fanfic. I miss SHACOB! ♥ I miss semi-normal Jacob. *sniffle* No other season came close to the awesomeness that was season 2. And now there is no more Canadian's all so sad. :(

Even if you have no clue what I'm talking about (and I think maybe only 2 people might know LOL) WATCH IT ANYWAY...because CANADIAN IDOL ROCKED!...and SHACOB was what pushed me head first into the greatness that is slash! (btw you'll have no problem figuring out which pairing is Shacob. ;) ....oh btw Shacob is....Shane Wiebe & Jacob Hoggard. ....I not crazy am i? I remember a Shacob meets J2 fic right? *runs to check delicious*


I also have an urge to post some old School've been warned!
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Ok so it's no secret how much I didn't like her on Canadian Idol, I mean really, I didn't even like her a little bit. I didn't go see the top 3 tour for Jaydee, because I didn't want to sit through her set...and yet...

I've been listening to this song repeatedly, going on 3 hours now! 0_0...I CAN'T STOP! It is so addicting! It's the most pointless song on the face of the planet, yet it's still blaring through my speakers and I've added it to all my mp3 players! I don't understand! *throws arms up*

But since I'm awesome in that evil way, here is the vid, listen, enjoy and join me in the constant repeating of a completely pointless yet addicting beautiful song. :)